oanalitica software algorithms S.L. is a disruptive company specialized in Run SAP like a Factory using clasic and modern techniques to improve the efficiency of the SAP operations.

We believe in the people and in their unique set of strengths. Flat hierarchies. Intra-entrepreneour and a dynamic culture where the limit are you.

The ADN of oanalitica is based on a set of core values. Contact us to discover how we can help you to improve the SAP operations.


The world changes dynamically and be adaptive and a problem-solver people is part of us.

The communication in a multicultural world is essencial to be successful. Be able to communicate clearly and empathize with other people is equal or even more important than technical skills. Our focus is both.

The problem is only the opposite face of a solution. We take the ownership of the problems as a part of our unique style of personality where we focus on find the best solution for our customers.

Even though we are autonomous also we’re part of a team so working and collaborating with each other is part of the success of our profesionals.

Creativity is the ability to see patterns where other no, take the big picture to be innovovate in our daily work and understand the world in a 360º view.

All of this core values would worth nothing without integrity and honestity. We keep improving all days to be the best version of us.





Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to oanalitica@oanalitica.com